Wellbeing Information Systems Limited

Our Wellbeing Information System (WIS)

Is designed to deliver expert, consistent health advice to your customers and staff.

Cost of ownership is about more than just the license fee for the software. Some systems will charge a monthly fee, but expect you to own or buy a new system, or to use a specific version of browser which won't work on your existing hardware without an expensive upgrade. Not our system! Any existing computer (PC or Mac) which can run Windows 95/ Mac OS9 should be okay for WIS. We also offer free upgrades to the system as long as your license exists. Our simple yet secure technique for web-site integration means you should be up and running with WIS integrated seamlessly into your existing website or on-line store in minutes. A simple text link, which we provide along with a control file, is inserted into one or more of your web pages and the site should become immediately visible; no expensive and time-consuming delays waiting for web programmers to act!

WIS is easy to navigate, fast and highly visual. However, the exciting thing about WIS is that it will probably work on your existing hardware. We have designed WIS to avoid using any of the fancy effects so common on the Internet these days, which are forever asking you to download plug-ins or to wait while the movie or effect loads. You won't see messages complaining about your processor, memory or graphics. You may already own an old PC, a laptop or even a Mac; if so, the chances are that WIS will work on it (See below for system requirements). On the other hand, if you DO own a new system, or a touchscreen system, WIS will work even better.

Our extensive information database includes 4,000 pages of information and is designed for both kiosk/ back office and world wide web applications. It will run in a window in the background on your back office computer, ready to pop up with searchable, printable information any time you need it.

We can also offer a customised version of WIS for your store which can contain your own products, information and logo, all seamlessly integrated with WIS.

Touch screen console showing WIS

Touch screen console showing health directory

Touch screen console showing nutrition directory


The cost of a license for WIS varies according to the number of licenses you have, and whether you license one or more directories for use on your existing website or intranet, or use the system in-store or in your back office. However, all of these options have one thing in common: You can license the software for around £1.00 per day.   For more information please contact us at wisinfo.co.uk.

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