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WIS has been created to provide reliable and accurate information on health and how it can be improved using food and natural medicine. The information comes from over 20 years of 'hands on' experience in combination with the latest scientific evidence. We avoid complicated and confusing information wherever possible, providing your customers with simple and clear information.

Our aim is to be the most useful and accepted wellbeing information resource, both to the wellbeing industry and to consumers:
'Information you can trust.'

Gareth Zeal is the UK's leading expert in the field of nutrition and naturopathy and has over 20 years experience at advising patients and customers on the benefits of good nutrition and natural medicine. He has managed top London health stores and worked in the natural products industry as a Senior Nutritional Consultant. He has vast knowledge and experience of health problems and the way they can be helped with diet, food supplements and complementary therapies.
Gareth has lectured at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and has helped to write several well-known books on natural health. He has also appeared on many TV and radio shows to give advice to viewers who phone in with health questions.
Gareth firmly believes that diet is key to health and wellbeing, and really 'practices what he preaches' by sticking to a well-balanced vegan diet. People sometimes doubt the vegan diet, but Gareth is living proof that you can follow such a regime and still be very healthy. This is evident, as Gareth is physically very fit, doing regular workouts in the gym as well as teaching martial arts.

On top of this he still finds the time and energy to play squash and badminton several times a week. Gareth also has an insatiable appetite for reading and regularly 'ploughs' through medical journals to keep up to date with the latest scientific research on nutrition and natural medicine.

Dr Martin Hughes started a PhD at Clare College, Cambridge in 1972. Following this he stayed on to read medicine, graduating in 1979 top of his year. Since then he has combined practice with teaching, writing and broadcasting, producing books such as Bodyclock, Readers Digest in Australasia and Facts on File in the US, explaining the relationship between time and human function. He presented the BBC1 television series Doc Martin's Casebook, examining the effects of illness not only on patients, but also on their families. He is currently the senior partner in a large Cambridge practice, and Fellow and Director of Medical Studies at Magdalene College, Cambridge, where he holds a college lectureship in Pharmacology.

Gareth and Martin have combined their specialist knowledge to bring together one of the most user friendly and extensive information systems available for health and wellbeing retailers in Europe.
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Gareth Zeal

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