Wellbeing Information Systems Limited

Our Wellbeing Information System (WIS)

Is designed to deliver expert health advice to your customers and staff.

Using the latest touch-screen technology (or just with a standard PC - or Mac - and mouse), WIS is easy to navigate, fast and highly visual.

Our extensive information database includes 3,000 pages of information and is designed for both kiosk and world wide web applications.

Extensive Directories form an integral part of WIS:

Health Disorders: You can learn about the human body, its many health problems, and access complementary therapy information for over 800 medical conditions.

Nutrition and Diet: We provide extensive information on foods, food safety, diets, supplements, Vitamins and Minerals, Amino acids drug-nutrient depletions.

Our Experts: Read about Doctor Martin Hughes and Gareth Zeal.

Remedies and Therapies: Includes directories on herbal and homeopathic remedies, as well as providing key information on many different complementary therapies.

WIS can be used in: Grocery, Pharmacy, Health Food stores, Practitioners, Health Clubs, Fitness Centres and of course sections can be licensed for use on world wide web sites.

Touch screen console showing WIS

Touch screen console showing health directory

Touch screen console showing nutrition directory


You can license the software for around £1.00 per day.   For more information please contact us at wisinfo.co.uk.

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